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GuestViews breakfast “Best practices”: Monnaie de Paris (3/4)

On 23 November, GuestViews hosted its second client training course, discussing “Best practices” over breakfast. The chief commercial officer of the Monnaie de Paris museum, Morgane Le Geldron, came to share her experience with using our solution, her own best practices and her ideas to further enhance the product.


We present a series of articles going into detail about the four speeches given by the institutions that took part in our training course: the Centre Pompidou (1), Culturespaces (2), Monnaie de Paris (3) and the Hauts-de-Seine department (4).


This discussion shed some light on different ways of using GuestViews as the solution to various issues. Read this article to find out about the many benefits of our solution, as well as how you can boost your data collection and make the most of the reviews you gather. You can also learn how your GuestViews app can bring value to all the departments of your organisation!



Best practices:

1️⃣ Custom, fun signage

2️⃣ A joint app for all of the departments

3️⃣ Semantic analysis of the reviews focusing on sources of satisfaction


GuestViews presented a signage system to Monnaie de Paris, which then gave it a humorous twist with wordplays on the theme of “money”. This choice aims at giving more character to the 11 Conti Museum, so that the visitors can better identify with it. Furthermore, Monnaie de Paris decided to install two GuestViews terminals, which allow two people who are there together to give their review at the same time, turning a simple review into a pleasant experience.


The other particularity of Monnaie de Paris is that its app was designed by all of its departments, so as to analyse performance as a whole: each part of the questionnaire was built for a specific team and corresponds to a specific indicator (curation, mediation, accessibility, group bookings, commercial management). The various departments can thus gather empirical feedback and have a bird’s eye view on their work, which positively impacts the dynamics between teams.


Lastly, semantic analysis on positive user reviews showed the strengths of the institution and helped it shape its marketing campaigns: to understand what the visitors liked is to better be able to find the words to make others wish to come. Indeed, the reviews allow to precisely pinpoint the visitors’ expectations for their experience at the museum. An average of 12% of Monnaie de Paris visitors are surveyed with the GuestViews solution, which means that much more precious data for audience growth operations.



Read all about the use cases and best practices of Centre Pompidou, Culturespaces and the Haut-de-Seine department!



Featured image: © GuestViews / La Monnaie de Paris, 11 Conti Museum