In a heartbeat, GuestViews collects, analyses
and showcase thousands of visitor data

Your customised app

Listening to clients on-the-spot

A multichannel, fun and autonomous application: on terminal and tablet, mobile device and via email with real time data recording

Strong engagement: up to 60% of users

Our toolbox: customisation in just a few clicks (comment, survey, email, digital postcard...)

Find out how the Lille Tourist Office increased its customer feedback by 2500% with their GuestViews app!
Your automated email

Automating a personalised first contact

Marketing automation: instantly send a personalised email to establish a privileged relationship

Strong engagement: 60% opening rate

Setting appropriate scenarios (advice, perks, call-to-action)

The Moulin Rouge prolongs its spectators' experience with automated emails, by providing access to perks in its shop. Why don't you do the same!
Your dashboard

Analysing and extracting value from data in real time

Monitoring data: multi-level data-visualisation, data cross-over, KPI alerts, driving satisfaction

Managing customer feedback: semantic analysis via artificial intelligence, moderation, responding to users, optimising your e-reputation

CRM: continuous input into your customer database and targeted campaigns

Culturespaces drives visitor satisfaction on all its sites, in order to improve network performance. Why not do your own comparisons, just like them!

The GuestViews standards

Technical stability
and data security

API interfacing
with your own tools

GDPR compliance
and legal support

Ultra-responsive and
personalised customer service

How does it work?

Frequent questions


Create and customise applications in your own colors and according to your specific needs.


We offer equipment for sale or rent and advise you how to set it up.


We train your teams to use the dashboard and how to moderate.

On-going support

Our account managers ensure continuous monitoring and help you to extract value from your data.

Frequent questions

Heard by our clients

Incredible! I planned this trip to Europe around being in Paris to see this show. About a year of dreaming and making plans and it exceeds all my expectations. Thank you for all the work that went into this. This is a wonderful new way to experience art!

Max B. Nov 27, 2019 at 1:23pm

Art center

Application installed at the end of a temporary exhibition

I love the collection. The exhibits were engaging, approachable, and generally held a ton of fantastic work. I particularly enjoyed the Kandinsky room. It showed the progression of his work vividly.

Brian E. Dec 3, 2019 at 3:10pm


Application installed in the permanent collection

Wonderful museum with lovely pictures, very informative and great that you have all the different languages including sign language. Well worth the visit - merci beaucoup!!!

Suzie C. Oct 26, 2019 at 11:43am


Application installed in the boutique