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GuestViews breakfast “Best practices”: Centre Pompidou (4/4)

On 23 November, GuestViews hosted its second client training course, discussing “Best practices” over breakfast. Mathilde Lucchini, Public Division Project Manager at Centre Pompidou, came to share her experience with using our solution, her own best practices and her ideas to further enhance the product.


We present a series of articles going into detail about the four speeches given by the institutions that took part in our training course: the Centre Pompidou (1), Culturespaces (2), Monnaie de Paris (3) and the Hauts-de-Seine department (4).


This discussion shed some light on different ways of using GuestViews as the solution to various issues. Read this article to find out about the many benefits of our solution, as well as how you can boost your data collection and make the most of the reviews you gather. You can also learn how your GuestViews app can bring value to all the departments of your organisation!


1️⃣ Strategic placement next to the exhibition catalogue

2️⃣ Raffles encouraging visitors to use the app

2️⃣ Different uses for the app between temporary exhibitions and the rest of the museum


Centre Pompidou chose to make the GuestViews app available to their guests in an alcove at the end of their visit. This is an ideal configuration that allows visitors to use the guestbook without disturbing the flow of leaving public. Placed next to the exhibition catalogue, the terminal particularly catches the eye, and it is that very catalogue that the participants can win thanks to the raffle system. This technique strongly incites visitors to leave a review.


Thanks to GuestViews, the visitors’ desires are more easily met: teams at Centre Pompidou continuously collect real and detailed feedback from their visitors, be it written reviews or more quantitative information like satisfaction scores. Analysis of this data allows them to pass over matters linked to public satisfaction to the concerned departments, as well as consider them from an objective standpoint.


Two separate uses were thought-out for the GuestViews app, depending on context: for temporary exhibitions, it focuses on the experience of the visit, while for the permanent collection it takes a look at the visitors’ emotional connection to the works themselves. These two points of view allow Centre Pompidou to gather complementary information about their visitors’ experience as whole.



Read all about the use cases and best practices of Monnaie de Paris, Culturespaces and the Haut-de-Seine department!



Featured image: © GuestViews / Centre Pompidou, Le Cubisme exhibition