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GuestViews breakfast “Best practices”: Culturespaces (2/4)

On 23 November, GuestViews hosted its second client training course, discussing “Best practices” over breakfast. From Culturespaces, Axelle Lemaire (Project manager) and Elisa Mineau (Visitor Experience and Quality Division) came to share their experience with using our solution, their own best practices and their ideas to further enhance the product.


We present a series of articles going into detail about the four speeches given by the institutions that took part in our training course: the Centre Pompidou (1), Culturespaces (2), Monnaie de Paris (3) and the Hauts-de-Seine department (4).


This discussion shed some light on different ways of using GuestViews as the solution to various issues. Read this article to find out about the many benefits of our solution, as well as how you can boost your data collection and make the most of the reviews you gather. You can also learn how your GuestViews app can bring value to all the departments of your organisation!


Best practices:

1️⃣ Ipad Pros and custom terminals depending on the sites’ scenographies

2️⃣ Semantic analysis of written reviews focusing on sources of dissatisfaction

3️⃣ Comparison of satisfaction between the sites


Culturespaces worked hard on finding the best way of presenting the GuestViews app to their visitors. To their minds, its integration inside the exhibitions was key. Culturespaces sites were thus equipped with one or two iPad Pros for easier use, as well as to boost data collection – when two guestbooks are made available, twice as much data is collected. Furthermore, the guestbooks are often integrated harmoniously to the scenography, like at the Atelier des Lumières where industrial-style supports were specifically made for them. Thus, the app is presented in the best way possible to collect as many reviews as can be.


Culturespaces particularly insists on making sure visitors are satisfied. The advantage of our solution is that it allows collecting user reviews in real time, so the institution can react immediately and deal with potential dissatisfaction. The teams work hard on analysing reviews, especially the negative ones. They focus their attention daily on causes of dissatisfaction, and they study their evolution after they take action to fix them.


GuestViews proves to be a true help in decision-making for the teams at the headquarters as well as the site directors, who can answer negative reviews themselves by email. The GuestViews dashboard also allows them to easily compare the different sites and get global results, allowing for better performance as a whole.


Read all about the use cases and best practices of Centre Pompidou, Monnaie de Paris and the Haut-de-Seine department!


Featured image: ©GuestViews / Culturespaces, Ateliers des Lumières