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Why install the GuestViews digital guestbook in your show venue?

Since 2013, GuestViews has been supporting cultural and tourist sites in their audience development and loyalty strategies… but that’s not all! Our flagship tool, the digital guestbook, can also help event venues get to know their spectators better, so as to offer them an ever more satisfying and enriching experience.

Customizable thanks to its multiple functionalities, our digital guestbook can be adapted to suit specific sectors, in order to collect valuable data on a daily basis. Today, it can be found in over 300 sites in Europe and North America.

These include events and venues such as the Festival Chorus organized by the Département des Hauts-de-Seine, the Opéra Orchestre National de Montpellier, and Parisian venues such as the Moulin Rouge, the Théâtre du Mogador and the Cirque d’Hiver.

In this article, we present 3 concrete examples of how GuestViews’ digital guestbook has been used to address some of these issues.


Turning spectators into store customers: the Moulin Rouge case study

Building a strong relationship with your audience doesn’t just mean putting on a show that lives up to their expectations, but also creating a feeling of attachment. And what better place than the boutique to develop this feeling? This space, often considered as the last step in the experience, is a real asset for show venues: spectators can find many products there, which will remain positive memories of the moment they’ve just spent.

Encouraging prospective customers to discover the boutique, in order to turn them into customers and create this feeling of attachment, is one of the reasons why the Moulin Rouge decided to install a digital guestbook within their venue. This Parisian cabaret, founded in 1889, is world-famous for its breathtaking shows.

In 2016, the Moulin Rouge teams turned to GuestViews to use our solution to increase awareness of their retail space, located just a few meters from the cabaret. To achieve this, an instant lottery was set up within the post-show email marketing: winners were invited to visit the boutique to choose their gift, and the losers received a discount on their next purchases within the boutique.

Every month, thousands of people took part in the guestbook, 70% of whom entered the competition to win a gift or discount in the boutique. The teams noted a tangible increase in traffic in the boutique, as well as on their e-shop, which was highlighted in the post-show email marketing.



Co-constructing the future of an event: the Festival Chorus case study

Over the past few years, the relationship between companies and their customers has evolved: the latter have a need for recognition and inclusion, which plays a major role in their satisfaction. This applies equally to the entertainment sector. Audiences like to feel that they are being listened to, and that their feedback is being taken into account to co-construct future strategies for a venue or event.

To meet this essential need, the Festival Chorus has equipped itself with a GuestViews digital guestbook. This festival, organized by the Département des Hauts-de-Seine, takes place at La Seine Musicale in the spring, and welcomes festival-goers from all over France for a unique musical experience.

The application deployed during the festival was customized to meet the needs of the teams, notably by asking spectators to suggest ideas for making the festival more eco-responsible.

In just 3 days, hundreds of people took part in the guestbook. Numerous testimonials praised the actions taken by the festival to reduce the impact inherent in its organization, and several avenues emerged for going even further in future editions: reducing plastic, proposing a catering offer with local products and more vegetarian/vegan choices, limiting lighting, putting in place offers to encourage sustainable mobility or setting up dancefloors that recover energy from festival-goers! The Festival Chorus teams told us that the guestbook had enabled them to confirm certain ideas they had had, and to imagine new ones, to be implemented for their 2024 edition.


Managing satisfaction and improving the experience: the Cirque d’Hiver case study

Like all venues that welcome the public, entertainment venues aim to build audience loyalty, so that they return and/or recommend the event to friends and family. To achieve this, the experience must be as satisfying as possible: a customer who is delighted with his time at the venue can become a repeat spectator, as well as an ambassador for his community.

This key issue prompted Cirque d’Hiver to equip itself with a GuestViews digital guestbook in 2018. This performance venue located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris is a must-see place to enjoy an entertaining experience and discover an original universe.

At the start of our collaboration, the Cirque d’Hiver teams wanted to use the guestbook to assess their spectators’ satisfaction on several aspects: the welcome they were given, the quality of the show in general, the atmosphere in the store and the wait at the ticket desks.

In just 3 weeks, Cirque d’Hiver collected almost 500 pieces of feedback via their guestbook. Via the GuestViews dashboard, the teams had access to the scores left by participants on the various criteria and could, thanks to our CRM functionality, directly recontact dissatisfied customers to discuss the aspects of the experience they hadn’t appreciated.


The GuestViews digital guestbook is a solution that can be adapted to all types of venues, and in particular concert halls, to help them develop their audience knowledge and loyalty strategies.

But GuestViews isn’t just software: it’s also a community of over a hundred players in the cultural, tourism and events sectors. Thanks to our dedicated communication space, our clients can meet and exchange ideas on common issues, and have access to exclusive resources on their sector.

Since 2023, GuestViews clients have also benefited from valuable data on forward-looking trends thanks to our T.I.M. (Trends and Insights for Museums) project. This information complements that collected via their guestbook, and analyzed by our team of Data Analysts.

Interested in finding out more? Our sales team awaits your message to discuss your needs, and see what we could put in place together!