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What is the GuestViews digital guestbook?

For the past 10 years, GuestViews has been rolling out visitor feedback systems, including our (famous) digital guestbooks! We furnish hundreds of cultural and tourist sites to help them identify the challenges regarding building loyalty and developing their visitor base: monitoring quality and satisfaction, collecting qualified contacts to sustain marketing strategies, engaging visitors in their relationship with the site…

But, in concrete terms, what is the GuestViews digital guestbook? We’ll tell you all about it 👇


A hot and cold visitor feedback system

Daily, the GuestViews digital guestbook allows you to collect valuable data on the most inclined visitors in order to create a link with them. Thanks to this tool, you can obtain information on their satisfaction (overall and/or on specific visit criteria), their visiting habits (with your place and/or on a wider scale), their profile (geographical and/or demographic), their contact data (surname, first name, email address) but also on their interests and expectations!

To do this, we provide an application:

💫 Omnichannel: visitors can access it via several channels – one or more physical terminals, a QR code to flash to access the guestbook directly on their smartphone and/or a URL link in a post-visit email to collect cold feedback.

✔️ Complete: to best meet your needs, our guestbook is built around several modules that can be adapted according to the type of questions you wish to ask. Whether it’s a free-form verbatim, profile or satisfaction questions, an email form or a drawing, you have a wide range of choices.

🎨 Customizable: our team of experts will work with you to create an application that’s just right for you. From the visual aspect to the content of your app, via attractive signage, you’ll be able to customize it to collect the information you need, while maintaining harmony with your graphic charter and scenography.

🎁 Playful: we’ve developed several options to optimize the GuestViews digital guestbook participation rate, notably by gamifying the experience, providing modules to enhance young audiences to respond, and enabling participants to trigger positive word-of-mouth and become real ambassadors for your venue.


Post-visit email sent automatically to participants

As soon as a visitor responds to the GuestViews digital guestbook and agrees to be contacted, a post-participation email is automatically sent. This 100% customizable email allows you to maintain interconnectivity with guestbook participants, by establishing targeted scenarios based on the answers given and the respondent’s profile.

For example, you can personalize your email by considering the satisfaction rating left within the application:
• If the score indicates overall dissatisfaction, this email can contain an apology message and specify that the feedback has been considered. You can also go a step further by proposing a phone conversation with the department concerned by the feedback.
• If the rating shows very good overall satisfaction, this email can encourage the participant to become an ambassador for your place by suggesting that they share their opinion on an online review platform such as TripAdvisor, or on their own social networks.

This automatic email can also be used to push content (upcoming programs, workshops for families, news about the venue for people living nearby, etc.) or personalized offers (a discount for regulars, an invitation to an opening, etc.).



An intuitive, feature-rich dashboard

Your dashboard gives you access to the data collected via your GuestViews digital guestbook in real time, and to multiple tools to analyze it independently:
Instant alerts on key indicators;
Management of guest reviews;
Send targeted campaigns to visitors who have provided their email address;
Modify your application in just a few clicks;
Programmed dispatch of a summary of the data collected by your digital guestbook at the most relevant period to your internal management.



Support from a team of experts

Our team is with you every step of the way to help you use your digital guestbook and fulfill your goals:
Reflection on listening interfaces and the different collection channels set up
Project management: creation and modification of your guestbook, setting up training sessions with your team; progress reports to analyze and optimize the use of our solution.
Support: answers to any questions you may have about the product, intervention by our CTO

To go even further, we also provide “premium” support with additional services, including data analysis by our team to help you strengthen your loyalty and development strategies.

Curious to find out more about the GuestViews digital guestbook? Come and share your GuestViews needs with us by contacting our team! We look forward to building your project together ✨