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Why install the GuestViews digital guestbook in your place of memory and history?

For almost 10 years, GuestViews has been helping more than 300 cultural and tourist sites to develop their visitor knowledge, loyalty and development strategies, thanks in particular to our digital guestbook.

Customizable and fun to use, our solution allows you to collect valuable visitor information on a daily basis. It is available both on site, via a tablet at the end of the visit or via QR code, and on the fly, by email.

Available in over a dozen countries, our digital guestbook has won over many internationally renowned places of memory and history, including the Mémorial de Verdun, the Sir John Monash Centre in Fouilloy, the Mémorial de Caen, the Tapisserie de Bayeux, the Musée de la Grande Guerre in Meaux and the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris.

These emotionally-charged sites have chosen to equip themselves with the GuestViews digital guestbook to meet a variety of challenges. In this article, we’ve chosen to introduce some issues specific to places of remembrance and history that might inspire you.


Exploring the personal link between visitors and the theme of the site: the Mémorial de Verdun case study

A memorial’s mission as a place of remembrance makes it a special place to visit. Passion for history? Family ties? Curiosity? Understanding what brings visitors to your site enables you to offer the best possible visitor experience, refine your loyalty and communication strategies, and develop new projects.

Since 2021, the Mémorial de Verdun, Fort de Vaux and Fort de Douaumont have been equipped with several GuestViews digital guestbooks. The aim of these emblematic sites is to keep alive the memory of the Battle of Verdun and the combatants of the First World War.

At the start of our collaboration, the Mémorial teams introduced us several needs, including determining whether the guestbook participants had a family connection to the Battle of Verdun, and whether they would be willing to share this personal history to feed a future Family Memory Center project.

Since the installation in spring 2021, almost a quarter of the participants have been willing to talk about their story. The Memorial teams have access to a list of these people, and can contact them again to hear their stories.



Raising visitors’ awareness of collective memory: the Mémorial de la Shoah case study

Places of remembrance are a reminder of key moments in our History, offering moments of profound reflection and helping us to remember the past, through documents, period objects, works of art, re-enactments and lectures. And your visitors can support you in your mission to pass on History.

The Mémorial de la Shoah is a symbolic place conceived as a museum and a large documentation and archive center retracing the history of the Shoah in Europe. It features a permanent exhibition, as well as several temporary exhibitions focusing on the history of Jews during the Holocaust. Every Tuesday, the Memorial organizes a collection of objects and documents relating to the Shoah and the history of the Jews, in order to enrich its documentary collection.

Equipped since 2019 with a GuestViews digital guestbook, the Memorial’s teams use our solution to, among other things, raise visitors’ awareness of this mission and inform them on how to take part in this collection.

All participants are asked a question about their awareness of this collection, enabling the Mémorial to assess the impact of its communication campaigns around this topic. On their last guestbook deployed in April 2023, over 10% of participants who left their email clicked on the link redirecting to the document collection in the automatic email.


Understanding the tourist profile of visitors: the Tapisserie de Bayeux case study

Historical sites are often attractive tourist destinations. Are your visitors locals or tourists? Do they come alone or with others? Are they regulars, or are they coming for the first time? How did they hear about your place? All this information is invaluable, as it will help you to better understand the profile of your visitors, and adapt your communication and programming accordingly.

Since 2020, the Tapisserie de Bayeux has been collecting this information through its GuestViews digital guestbook. The Tapestry is one of the world’s best-known historical artifacts, recounting the Duke of Normandy’s conquest of England in 1066, and welcomed almost 400,000 visitors in 2022.

The guestbook allows teams to focus on studying the tourist profile of their visitors: place of residence, type of accommodation for tourists, means of transport used to get to the Tapestry, the activities that drew participants to the region.

Since its installation, the guestbook has collected nearly 30,000 entries, enabling the Tapestry to determine several types of visitor profile to refine their strategies.


Our digital guestbook is the perfect answer to the various challenges facing places of memory and history, thanks to its adaptability and wide choice of features that can be customized to your needs.

But GuestViews isn’t just software! It’s also a community of players in the cultural and tourism sectors: you can meet like-minded people who share your concerns, and exchange ideas with them in our thematic workshops.

It’s also access to invaluable information on your sector: thanks to our extensive database and the expertise of our team of Data Analysts, you can also benefit from comparisons with similar locations.

If you’d like to discuss your needs and what we could do together, please contact our team!