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Why install the GuestViews digital guestbook in your immersive exhibition?

For the past 10 years, GuestViews has been supporting visitor sites in their strategies for audience knowledge and development, by deploying a tool that may sound familiar to you: a digital guestbook. Thanks to its many customizable features, it can be adapted to the needs of each venue, and has already convinced over 300 cultural and tourist sites!

We are now present in a dozen countries, from France to the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, and in a wide variety of venues: museums, memorial sites, monuments, theaters, aquariums, etc.

For several years now, we’ve also been working with a new type of experience: immersive tours. This type of experience is proving highly successful in terms of visitor numbers, and is beginning to make its mark on the cultural landscape, offering an experience at the crossroads of culture and entertainment.

In this article, we present the case studies of 2 of our clients, who have chosen to use the GuestViews digital guestbook to meet several of their challenges.


Building audience loyalty: Culturespaces’ Lumières network case study

Venues offering immersive experiences need to enrich their databases with qualified contacts. The aim? Build a strong bond with them and win their loyalty. What’s more, a visitor who has been won over and identified will become an ambassador and won’t hesitate to recommend his experience to friends and family.

Over the past few years, Culturespaces has been developing immersive journeys within a network of physical locations called “Lumières” (Atelier des Lumières in Paris, Bassin des Lumières in Bordeaux, Hall des Lumières in New York City, Phœnix des Lumières in Dortmund, etc.). These centers around the world offer a unique cultural experience. Playing with visual and sound effects, the exhibitions within these spaces allow visitors to admire works of art in an original way.

Six of these Lumières venues are equipped with a GuestViews digital guestbook, to collect valuable information about their visitors. The applications have been created along the same lines, so that Culturespaces can compare the data between the different sites and assess the quality of the experience.

In order to keep in touch with their visitors, each guestbook contains a contact form: those who wish to can leave their email addresses and join the database to be kept informed of future programming planned at Les Lumières venues. In 3 years, almost 200,000 people have taken part in the various applications deployed, a quarter of whom have left their contact details and agreed to be contacted by Culturespaces at a later date.



Identifying audiences for immersive tours: Moment Factory experiences case study

Immersive experiences are new cultural offerings. As a result, there is very little data on the consumers of these experiences. Who are they? What are their hobbies? Why do they participate in these experiences? What do they retain? How can we win their loyalty and turn them into ambassadors? How can we attract first-time visitors?

Moment Factory has asked itself all these questions. Among other things, this Montreal-based multimedia studio designs night-time itineraries called “Lumina”, which transform outdoor spaces (parks, gardens, zoos, etc.) into real immersive adventures, using visual and sound effects. Present in Europe, North America and Asia, these trails invite visitors to discover a unique and collective experience.

Since 2021, our digital guestbook has been accompanying a dozen of these trails, in different cities in Canada, the United States and France (Los Angeles, Toronto, Chandler, Wendake, Mont Tremblant, Rochefort, Les Gets…), to better understand who their audiences are and enable them to share their feedback on these innovative experiences.

A common core has been integrated into the guestbook of each route, so that they can obtain comparable data, observe variations from one Lumina to another, and establish a typical visitor profile. Several focuses are then proposed: visit motivations, free-time habits, level of knowledge of other similar venues, etc.

Of the 10 guestbooks deployed, several thousand people have already taken part in the GuestViews guestbook, enabling Moment Factory to gain a better understanding of the visitors who take part in these tours. This ongoing feedback enables the teams at the sites hosting the Luminas and the Moment Factory teams to better define the evolution of the various trails, to refine communication and promotional strategies, and to observe the impact of these new attractions on the region’s tourist activity.


Spoiler: By the end of 2023, the GuestViews digital guestbook will set sail aboard the Art Explorer museum ship, a groundbreaking project launched by Art Explora to bring new immersive and sound experiences to audiences on the Mediterranean coast.

Thanks to its various customizable options, the GuestViews digital guestbook enables immersive itineraries to meet crucial challenges.

But that’s not all! In addition to being a unique piece of software on the market, GuestViews is also a community of around a hundred players in the cultural and tourism sectors. Themed workshops, sharing of best practices, exchanges on industry issues… You’ll have the opportunity to meet people like you and discuss common topics.

Joining GuestViews also means gaining access to data on your sector, thanks in particular to T.I.M. (Trends and Insights for Museums), which gives you crucial information on forward-looking themes. You can also take advantage of the expertise of our Data Analyst team to analyze your data and compare yourself with other similar venues.

Interested in finding out more? Our sales team looks forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs further!