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Why install the GuestViews digital guestbook in your corporate museum?

For the past 10 years, GuestViews has been supporting visitor facilities in their strategies to identify, develop and retain visitors. Since its creation, over 300 institutions have equipped themselves with our digital guestbook, to collect valuable information about their visitors on a daily basis.

Now present in a dozen countries, our solution helps these venues to better understand who their audiences are and what they expect from their visitor experience, thanks to its many customizable features.

We currently work with a number of corporate museums, including the Monnaie de Paris, Domaine Vranken-Pommery in Reims, the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-l’Hermitage, the Musée du Calisson in Aix-en-Provence and La Fabrik Villars in Fribourg, Switzerland.

In this article, we introduce you to 3 of our clients: find out how they use their GuestViews digital guestbook to solve some of their visitor reception and loyalty issues.


Managing visitor satisfaction: La Fabrik Villars case study

Corporate museums, like any other institution offering a visitor experience, are interested in their visitors’ expectations in order to offer them the best possible experience, and make them want to come back. To do this, teams try to identify the elements that impact visitor satisfaction, in order to identify potential areas for improvement.

Obtaining satisfaction data is one of the main challenges that prompted La Fabrik Villars to equip itself with a GuestViews digital guestbook. This boutique-experience in Switzerland offers a self-guided, sensory tour of the history of the Villars chocolate brand and behind-the-scenes insights into its expertise.

One of the aims of the digital guestbook is to identify the highlights of the visit (through questions on the most memorable moments, favorite scenographic elements) and the irritants (with a tree structure of questions dedicated to the least satisfied visitors). To motivate visitors to inform the brand about their experience, they are invited, via an animated home page, to play the Instant Gourmand. This is a competition integrated into the guestbook, enabling a few lucky visitors to win various in-store gifts.

Since the end of 2022, hundreds of people have been taking part in the guestbook deployed on site each month. Every week, the Villars teams use the GuestViews dashboard to analyze visitor satisfaction and act quickly on potential irritants. They can then contact dissatisfied visitors to engage them in conversation and try to understand why they didn’t enjoy their visit.



Identifying brand ambassadors: the Musée du Calisson du Roy René case study

A visitor who has been won over by the experience he has just had can become an ambassador, triggering positive word-of-mouth among those around him, which in turn increases awareness of the site and the brand. To achieve this, corporate museums need to identify these potential ambassadors and give them the opportunity to share their opinions.

This is one of the reasons why the Musée du Calisson du Roy René has been equipped with a GuestViews digital guestbook since 2020. Located in Aix-en-Provence, this museum invites its visitors to discover the ancestral know-how involved in making calissons, but also other confectionery from the region.

To find out which visitors might become ambassadors for the museum, the guestbook invites them to rate their propensity to recommend their visit to someone close to them. Those who leave a rating above 8 automatically receive a personalized marketing email encouraging them to recommend the Musée du Calisson on the TripAdvisor online review platform. Also, at the end of the guestbook, all participants can send a virtual postcard to their friends and family, to share their experience and encourage them to visit the museum.

Since its launch, dozens of visitors have taken part in the guestbook every day. Using the GuestViews dashboard, teams can access ambassadors’ profiles and contact them directly to build a personalized relationship. Many people have clicked on the link to the museum’s TripAdvisor page in the post-participation marketing email.


Retaining and engaging conquered visitors: the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona case study

Offering an optimal visitor experience is the first step in building visitor loyalty. The next step is to succeed in building a unique and strong relationship with each and every one of them, by including them in your development strategies. Indeed, a visitor who feels listened to by the brand can become an engaged visitor.

Since 2019, the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona has worked with GuestViews to deploy a digital guestbook within their visitor itinerary. Valrhona is a French chocolate factory celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, offering visitors a unique gastronomic journey, as well as pastry-making classes.

In order to engage with its visitors, the teams personalized the marketing email sent out post-participation: respondents who left their contact details joined the “privileged customers” and benefited from a discount in the boutique or on the Cité e-shop.

Of the 25,000 people who took part in the guestbook, almost half agreed to leave their email address and are now “privileged customers” of the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona, and 10% visited the store’s website to take advantage of their discount.


The GuestViews digital guestbook deployed within corporate museums is a real day-to-day tool for teams, providing actionable feedback for their visitor development and loyalty strategies.

But that’s not all! GuestViews is also a community of over a hundred players in the cultural and tourism sectors. Via our private communication space and themed workshops, they can meet and exchange ideas on common topics.

GuestViews clients also benefit from privileged access to valuable data on their sector thanks to T.I.M. (Trends and Insights for Museums). Every six months, we launch a general public campaign on forward-looking trends, to feed into the future strategies of visiting venues. All this information is processed and analyzed by our team of Data Analysts.

Would you like to join the GuestViews adventure? Contact our sales team to find out how we can meet your needs!