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Why install the GuestViews digital guestbook in your aquarium?

Since 2013, GuestViews has been deploying visitor listening devices to help visitor venues with their strategies for getting to know, building loyalty and developing their audiences. Our flagship tool: a customizable digital guestbook with multiple functionalities.

Available via several channels (tablet at the end of the visit, QR code, email), our solution collects a wide range of daily data from visitors: satisfaction, profile, visit habits, contact details, interests and expectations for a future experience!

Today, we equip over 300 cultural and tourist sites across ten countries. Among them are several aquariums: Nausicaá in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Planet Ocean in Montpellier and the Aquarium Tropical at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris.

To meet their various challenges, these sites have decided to integrate a GuestViews digital guestbook into their visitor areas. We tell you more about some of their challenges in this article.


Targeted marketing campaigns: Planet Ocean Montpellier case study

Every year, aquariums attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world in search of an entertaining and educational experience. By knowing the visitor’s motivations for visiting, where they live (or stay for tourists), or their preferred activities in the destination, an aquarium can refine its marketing strategies and develop more targeted communications.

Since 2022, we have been equipping Planet Ocean Montpellier, an aquarium and planetarium complex. Planet Ocean Montpellier gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the depths of the sea and explore the universe like astronauts, in an original and educational tour.

At the start of our collaboration, the Planet Ocean teams expressed several needs. The first was to assess the impact of their communication strategies. To do this, we integrated a question into the application that asked whether participants had heard about a Planet Ocean video communication campaign broadcast in a nearby train station. Thanks to the feedback, the teams were able to determine the scope of this campaign and make a decision based on the results.

The second goal was to communicate in a personalized way with participants, according to their satisfaction and geographical profile. The email marketing generated by the post-participation guestbook was therefore personalized:
• Locals satisfied with their experience received an email highlighting Planet Ocean’s future programming, as well as an incentive to share their experience on social networks.
• All satisfied participants are invited to recommend Planet Ocean on TripAdvisor.
• Unsatisfied participants receive a message to take into consideration any irritants encountered during their visit, and to discuss their experience with the reception teams.
The very good open rate of the automatic email means that more than half the participants discover personalized content.



Improving boutique performance: Nausicaá case study

Gathering feedback on the visitor experience is the first step. But we can go even further by considering the entire visit, which can include other areas such as the boutique. A crucial moment, often seen as the final stage of a visit, it’s also a potential source of revenue, directly correlated to the quality of the product selection and welcome.

Considered Europe’s largest aquarium, Nausicaá’s mission is to educate and raise public awareness of marine biodiversity through educational exhibits and thematic activities. One of Nausicaá’s challenges was to obtain feedback on their boutique by installing a dedicated GuestViews digital guestbook, in addition to those already integrated into the visit itinerary.

Participants were able to rate several satisfaction criteria linked to certain aspects of the boutique: welcome, products on offer and space. They were then invited to share suggestions for improvement, including ideas for products they would have liked to see in the store.

In less than a month, over a hundred people have shared their feedback on the Nausicaá boutique. The teams have received a great deal of feedback on the products offered in the store, and now have a better vision of what visitors would like to find in addition to the current products, such as plush toys, key-rings and home decor.


Managing satisfaction on a daily basis: Terra Lumina at the Toronto Zoo case study

A key challenge for tourist attractions such as aquariums and zoos is to build visitor loyalty. To achieve this, they need to know which aspects of the experience are most appealing to visitors, and which need to be improved or even rethought. Indeed, a person who is satisfied with the experience will be more likely to return, and may even become an ambassador for the site, recommending it to friends and family.

In 2022, we equipped a unique immersive journey created by Moment Factory, and installed at the Toronto Zoo in Canada. Moment Factory is a multimedia studio that creates original, sensory shows, as well as night-time trails called Lumina. These allow visitors to discover outdoor sites from a different angle, and enjoy a unique experience.

Managing satisfaction on a daily basis was an important issue for the teams. So they customized their guestbook to identify the strong points of the experience and potential irritants for dissatisfied visitors. Several visit criteria are also evaluated (quality of pre-visit information, ticket reservation system, access to the zoo and parking lot, quality of reception).

All this data is fed back in real time to the GuestViews dashboard, enabling the teams to act quickly on any points of dissatisfaction raised by the hundreds of people who took part in the guestbook. In addition, every Monday, the teams receive an email summarizing the satisfaction ratings left by respondents.


Our digital guestbook is a real asset to help aquariums achieve their objectives and meet the expectations of their visitors.

Choosing to install a GuestViews guestbook also means joining our community of over a hundred players in the cultural and tourism sector! Thanks to our dedicated communication space, you’ll be able to talk to people who share the same issues as you, and meet them at the workshops and training courses we organize.

Thanks to our extensive database, you’ll also gain important insights into your sector. Our team of Data Analysts is on hand to help you benchmark your data against similar locations.

Want to join the GuestViews adventure? Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements!