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10 reasons to deploy a digital guestbook in your venue

1️⃣ Proposing a tool adopted by all

The guestbook, in its paper version, is a popular form known by everyone. That’s why GuestViews has chosen to revisit this tool. It’s easy for visitors to identify with it and take it up, especially as its digital version is more visible and attractive. Actually, an in situ device placed at a strategic point along the itinerary, accompanied by personalized signage and integrated into the scenography as a final stage of the visit, will catch visitors’ eyes!

Thanks to our work on interface accessibility and the development of several dedicated features, it’s easy and intuitive to use for all ages.

💡 Here’s the proof!



2️⃣ Let your visitors have their say…

Out of every 10 emails you receive in your personal mailbox, how many are requests for opinions or satisfaction questionnaires following a purchase, a stay, a visit, a delivery or even a call with an operator? Let us guess: far too many. And it’s probably the same for your visitors.

While cold listening, particularly by email, is undeniably of interest as a place to visit, it is nevertheless an increasingly unpopular method with visitors, who are saturated by these requests.

Offering a listening device at the end of a visit, directly on site, is a great way to get the most out of your site, whether on a tablet set up and highlighted by signage, on a display offering a QR code, or as part of a visitor assistance application, for example. In this way, you involve visitors at the very moment when they are most connected to your site, and therefore most likely to take a few minutes to give you some feedback.


3️⃣ …while offering other cold collection channels

That said, some visitors don’t want to or can’t allocate time after their visit: so it’s a good idea to give them an opportunity to express themselves cold.

And just as well, because the digital guestbook is omnichannel. You can integrate it into a post-visit email generated by your ticketing service, your CRM or sent by hand, or offer it on your social networks or your website (in the latter two cases, you’ll need to distinguish this data from that emanating from visitors in situ).


4️⃣ Be a place that listens to its visitors

You’ve certainly been listening to your audiences for a long time. But your efforts aren’t always noticeable. In many cases, it’s mainly a matter of dealing with incoming requests from your visitors, such as contacts by email or telephone, complaint forms, reviews posted online… The visitor takes the floor more than it’s given to him or her. This subtlety creates a balance of power that is often not virtuous since, in this case, expressing oneself to you requires an effort, which is more likely to be made by an irritated visitor.

Offering digital guestbooks at the end of your visit sends a clear signal to your audience: you’re offering them a direct space for expression, because you genuinely care about what they have to share with you, and you’re committed to facilitating this link with them. It’s a strong position that impacts the vision your visitors have of your institution, and the closeness felt.

💡 “It’s really nice to see that our words are taken into account. We put ourselves in the shoes of a columnist, it becomes quite serious. And we get caught up in the game!”
Mehdi, visiting the EDF Foundation (comment collected during a field survey conducted by our team)


5️⃣ Combining listening and engagement

Most visitor listening software simply fulfills a questionnaire role (and rightly so!). They help to obtain information about respondents’ profiles, their interests, their level of satisfaction with the experience, and so on. But that’s about it. They don’t create any real contact with the person.

Our digital guestbooks, on the other hand, not only enable you to question your audiences on a variety of subjects, but also to create engagement: by inviting visitors to express their preferences for the future of the venue (poster for the next exhibition, type of activities they’d like to see developed around the programming, etc.), by encouraging them to give their opinion on the future of the museum, and by encouraging them to participate in the development of the museum. ), by encouraging them to promote the visit (on their social networks, on an online review platform, or through a virtual postcard generated from the guestbook), or quite simply by suggesting that they stay in touch with you.

💡 What’s more, our guestbook participants are quite fond of it: on average, 30% of them agree to fill in our customer contact forms to be kept up to date with venue news, and to be contacted again if need be!


6️⃣ Gather contacts inaccessible to your online ticketing service

In the wake of the health crisis, online booking has become increasingly popular, and it’s now possible to collect an interesting number of emails thanks to online ticketing. This database is not complete, however, and means that you miss out on contacts with part of your audience: the “accompanying persons” who didn’t make the reservation, and of course the visitors who buy their ticket on the spot.

A digital guestbook placed at the end of the tour enables you to capture these visitors, and give them the opportunity to share their feedback following their experience, but also to obtain profile and contact information so you can add them to your database. If they were satisfied with their visit, you can even turn them into ambassadors for your venue!


7️⃣ Get a 360° view of your visitors

Today, you may already have access to visitor data: on their purchasing behavior thanks to your online ticketing service, opinions on social networks or dedicated platforms, or profile information via various survey devices… But this data is scattered among the various devices you have set up, and it’s therefore complicated to associate them with a single visitor.

The digital guestbook, on the other hand, offers a complete listening device, giving you 360° vision and understanding! Participants are invited to share a variety of declarative information: their level of satisfaction, their profile, their habits and behaviors (declared), their centers of interest, their opinion on various subjects linked to your development, as well as their identity and contact details. In short, everything you need to recontact him in a relevant way and weave a relationship with him that can last.

💡 The icing on the cake: the GuestViews API allows you to interface your guestbook with your day-to-day software (CRM, emailing software, etc.) so you can centralize all your visitor data and activate it even faster.


8️⃣ Access your centralized data in real time

Collecting data is all very well. But you still need access to it quickly! With the GuestViews digital guestbook, there’s no need to wait weeks or months for the results of your visitor listening campaigns: everything appears in real time on your dashboard. Intuitive and comprehensive, it gives you a global, quantified view of your visitors’ responses, but also lets you contact them directly from the dashboard.

💡 Some views of the GuestViews dashboard.




9️⃣ Save time (and money)

Asking visitors questions can be done by leaving paper questionnaires at their disposal, or by commissioning an external employee or interviewer to go out and meet the public. In the first case, the response rate is not guaranteed. In the latter case, the time and/or budget required is not insignificant! As for data exploitation, it’s the same old story: it takes a lot of man-time and know-how if processed in-house, and considerable budgets if delegated to a service provider.

The digital guestbook gives you continuous, fully autonomous data collection, which it digests and makes instantly activatable.

💡 And, to take the time-saving even further, a weekly recap arrives in your inbox every Monday with the key figures from your guestbook.


🔟 Share this data internally

As well as helping you get to know your audience better, the data collected via your guestbook is a real support for your teams! They enable you to motivate them, especially when they are at the heart of positive comments, and to act quickly in the event of dissatisfaction, but also to formulate precise, achievable objectives.

💡 “Thanks to live, on-the-fly feedback, the resolution of any points of dissatisfaction is greatly facilitated. The intervention time between the detection of a possible dissatisfaction and its resolution is reduced, allowing us real operational efficiency reinforcing the quality of the visit experience.”
Sophie Morvan, Head of Research and Evaluation, Public Affairs Department, musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac

Bonus reason: from 2023, you’ll be able to integrate our national trend tool into your guestbook. Want to know more? Get in touch with our team to discuss it! ✨