Frequent questions

I am worried that insults might be visible on my app to other visitors, what can you do?

Our software automatically detects "forbidden" words. Insulting comments won't appear on your app. You also have the possibility to moderate comments directly through your dashboard.

If I have a problem with my GuestViews app, what should I do?

Our customer service will support you from the designing of your needs to the set up, and beyond. You can also subscribe to the 24/7 customer service option for more reactivity.

Does the GuestViews app exist in different languages?

The app exists in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Dutch). We can also offer you more languages if needed, as an additional option.

I don’t have an Internet connection, what can I do?

Don't worry: we will provide you with the equipment and an adequate Internet connection that fits your need.

Can the app work offline?

The app works with the WiFi or a 3G key: it enables you to access the collected data and to moderate comments, in real time. However, the app still works if the network connection is lost. The data will be stored on the device and sent back to the server when the connection is restored.

Which tablets are compatible with the GuestViews app?

The GuestViews app is compatible with Apple and Android. For optimal use, we recommend the following tablets: iPad Air 1, 2 or 3, iPad Pro, iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7-inch.

I don’t have tablets, what should I do?

GuestViews takes care of everything! We suggest you solutions such as renting or buying materials (tablet, secure kiosks…).

Do my visitors have to download the GuestViews app to participate?

No, visitors will have access to the app on tablets available in your venue. GuestViews enables them to react on the spot, as part of their visit, to offer them the best experience possible.

How long does it take to set up the app?

You can rely on our reactivity! We recommend one month delay between the signature of the contract and the delivery of your personalised app. This is an emergency? We will do our best to fulfil your requirements.

I want the GuestViews app, how can I get it?

You can simply contact us through this form. We will answer you within 48 hours to suggest you the most suitable offer.

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