Get to know your visitors
and boost their loyalty
by giving them a voice.

GuestViews is a smart guestbook
that collects, analyses and gives value to data
on your visitors on the spot and in real time.

A playful engagement

Incite your visitors to express themselves through digital technology. GuestViews enriches the visitors experience boosting their rate of participation.

A tool boosting visitor loyalty

GuestViews collects your visitors contact details and measures their satisfaction on the spot. Convince happy visitors to return and win back unsatisfied ones with a couple of clicks from your dashboard.

Precious and highly useful data

GuestViews automatically analyses and visualises your visitors’ data. You have access to the data and the analytics on your dashboard, at any time.

A 100% reliable and super reactive CRM

Adjust your marketing campaigns and budgets in real time thanks to our data analysis.

Emails, opinions and data on thousands of your visitors
are within your grasp. Don't miss out on them.


More than 300 clients
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  • "People are sensitive to the fact that their opinion is being taken into account thanks to digital technology. The visitor gets a feeling of importance and becomes less passive in their relationship with the institution."

    Guillaume Emonot, Head of visitor activities, Châteaux de la Drôme
  • "The digital medium enables us to be more attentive to our visitors as we can make a better follow up of their comments. Having the possibility to publish comments on the app, we are more careful to our visitors demands - which is fundamental. It is also very nice to be able to answer personally a visitor that has left his/her contact details."

    Mathieu Nouvel, Survey and attendance task officer, Palais de la Porte Dorée
  • "Tourist offices have the ability to know better their physical visitors thanks to this solution. It is particularly useful to improve the quality of the reception and to bring relevant services to people. In addition, the option to share their opinion on social media via the guestbook is a great way to create ties with your visitors."

    Bénédicte Douchet, Digital communication manager, Lille’s Tourist Office and Congress
  • "I recommend GuestViews for: the reactivity of the team, the simplicity of the app and the capacity to adapt to the clients’ needs."

    Axelle Le Maire, Project manager in the department New Projects and Visit Experience and Quality, Culturespaces
  • "The guestbook responds to our objective of collecting guests’ opinions and comments and to use this data to take on immediate action and to create a dialogue with our guests."

    Banu Oray, Quality project manager, Musée du Louvre
  • "Since day one, we have collected more than 4 000 uniques mail addresses via this channel. 70% of this data belongs to potential customers, who have never seen a show at the Moulin Rouge. This is already a change in itself ! The dashboard is very easy to use, which is also a significant advantage. We really have a global vision on our customers’ profile. All of this information allows us to adapt our marketing campaigns."

    Mathilde Dommange, Digital marketing project manager, Le Moulin Rouge
  • "I recommend GuestViews:
    - First, for the impeccable quality of its customer service: it is very reactive and everything takes place in very pleasant atmosphere, even when there is an emergency.
    - Then, for the quality of the User Experience: the application’s design is very aesthetic and makes the guestbook very ergonomic.
    - Finally, for its flexibility: the guestbook adapts perfectly to our needs."

    Claire Leblanc, Director, Musée d'Ixelles
  • "GuestViews sleek design and intuitive usage enable the visitor to create a direct link with the institution. It becomes an intermediary, giving visitors a voice and providing cultural institutions with a practical tool to study their audience (we all know how necessary this is)!"

    Chantal Steegmuller, Audience development manager, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
  • "The dashboard for analysing data given by our visitors is really simple and allows anyone to make this tool their own. It is a great asset to better understand our visitors and to stay in a dialog with them after their visit. In one word? EFFICIENT!!"

    Samuel Quenault, Collections manager, Château d’Oiron, Centre des monuments nationaux

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